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Our team of project managers are here to make sure your brand experience runs without a hitch. Skilled in organization and management, our team is here to guide you through the branding process, organize your photo and video shoots, and act as your advocate in delivering your message to the creative team. Available by email, zoom call, and face-to-face meetings, your project manager will ensure your dream becomes a reality. Simply put, your PM will be your new BFF.
Our team of photographers are passionate about making you look and feel your absolute best. In your private and professional shoot, our internal team including your project manager and photographer will work to gather the photos that will make your brand a cut above the rest. Not only will these photos be used to color the pages of your online brand, but you’ll have access to all photos taken at your shoot. So the next time you need a social post, profile pic, or speaker bio photo, we have you covered.
Our development team is skilled at transforming your original brand design into an interactive and engaging experience online. Not only will they build a custom-coded wordpress site, but they will integrate your applications, social media profiles, sales pages, and contact forms so all your brand information has a centralized online presence.
We believe the backend of your business is just as important as the front end. Our integrations team will assist in creating all the forms, application, and opt-ins necessary to position your brand as engaging and experiential (and of course to help you gather leads and contacts).
We will assist and advise you on the most effective way to run and manage your original ad content. You will learn all the tools you need to know to run your own ads.
We’ll use your Customer Relation Management Software to help you create email campaigns. Our team will help teach you the best ways to send emails to specific segments of your audience, so you can reach them more effectively.
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As a visionary, it can be challenging to narrow down exactly how your brand should be presented online. Our branding team is here to help pull and execute your vision. From defining your brand’s messaging and voice to determining aesthetics, look, and feel, (and everything in between) we are here to make sure you have a brand that you love AND a brand that converts into sales.
Our world is growing increasingly digital. If you want to create a video to set your brand above the rest, our team is ready to create a one-of-kind video for you. Our video filming, editing, and post-production teams specialize in various forms of video creation, including: sales videos, interviews, vlogs, course creation, after effects, testimonials, and b-roll footage.
At the Dream Factory, we understand that events can play an important role in growing your brand presence and amount of sales. That’s why we design and develop the highest caliber events pages. Not only do we design original event pages to elevate the brand you’ve already built, we also custom-code your event page a live an independent web page. Now, your attendees can access event information anywhere they can access the internet. If that wasn’t cool enough, we also integrate your live events page to your checkout process. That means, your event attendees can visit you events page, register, and check out all on one page.
Membership sites can be an important income generator for your business. We recommend using Kajabi as the platform to hold your membership site. During your coaching time, you will be assisted in defining you membership layout, title, length, and content. You will also be advised in building your curriculum, frameworks, and modalities in which you will deliver your content. Although we do not upload content for you, we will walk you through the process of uploading and managing your content. We will assist you with any technical support you need to create a fully functional online sales process within our coaching time together.
We will work with you one-on-one to strategize the most effective way to position your webinar to be optimized for conversions. We will work together to streamline all webinar digital assets and create a user experience that will best attract ideals prospects and converts webinar attendees into clients and customers.
After you have a product or service you’re ready to promote, our team will create functional and converting funnels to help you gather warm leads, that will turn into real clients. These funnels will not only be beautifully designed and developed to match your brand, they will also seamlessly integrate with your automated email sequence, calendar appointment setting, and social media profiles.
Our copy team is here to help you edit and shape the copy for your brand. Although we believe it is important for you, the owner of your content, to write the elements showcased on your site, our team will happily act as a guide. The copy team will provide examples, frameworks, and an extra set of eyes to help you write the most effective copy you can, whether in a sales page, personal bio, tagline, or blog post.
Our design team is passionate about creating original designs to uniquely represent each and every brand. Including areas such as: web design, logo design, photo editing, and banner design assets, our design team is ready to deliver an original and effective brand design, just for you. From ideation stages to a full realized brand, our designers deliver only the highest caliber design work.
Let’s be real. Sales pages play a crucial role and converting brand visitors into customers. That’s why the Dream Factory offers coaching, design, development, and integration for all your sales pages. First, we work together on the copy for your page, our copy team will offer examples and guidance on the most effective way to write a sales page. Next our design team creates an original design to match with the brand you’ve already built. Finally, our development team will custom-code out your site as a live and independent web page. Oh and one more thing, all your sales pages will be integrated to a check out page or application so you can make sales directly from your custom sales page.
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Once you’ve built your own brand, marketing and lead generation are a pivotal component of making connections, gaining clients, and making sales. Our team will advise and walk you through marketing and lead generation strategies. Although we don’t manage your leads or database, we will assist in helping you with the approach to converting those leads into sales. You’ll get all the tools you need to succeed.
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We will assist and advise you how to create social media ads and position them to be most effective online. This includes copywriting, ad placement strategies, integrating tracking pixels, and re-targeting.
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We will work together to create and position your live event. From strategies on monetization to partnershp to selling from stage. Our goal is to give you all the tools necessary to conduct a successful and lucrative event.