Wish You Could Stop “Starting Over Every Month” and Eliminate the Highs & Lows of Launches? You Can!

Learn how to create stability in your business by creating SMART Offers!

Odds are, you’re a successful Entrepreneur...
...but lately, you’ve hit a wall.

If that’s you, your business probably looks like this:

You’re no longer “struggling to get clients” per se, but your business feels chaotic…

...One month, you’ll celebrate a record month... and a couple months later, you’re thinking, “if we keep going at this rate, we’ll be out of business in 4 months...”

You’re probably reading this thinking, “yup, that’s me!”... but that’s not all…

You feel an intense pressure to hit a certain sales amount every month…

You’re constantly worried your next launch or lead gen campaign won’t work...

You’re scared you’ll have to let go of valuable teammates if you have another bad month…

And that’s not even the worst of it…

Your business is no longer the “exciting project” it used to be, it’s now become “something you have to do”...

...And the weight and stress of running your business may have even followed you into your home-life...

At this point,

You might have convinced yourself that “this is just how business is” and that “I just have to get used to it”…

And that’s why I created The SMART Offer Formula...

Because the truth is…

It’s possible to have stable, consistent revenue coming in every single month.

It’s possible to not feel like you need to “start over” in sales every month…

It’s possible to be able to take time off and not worry about everything “falling apart”…

It’s possible to become excited about your business again

And it’s possible to do all of this without messing with your “magic touch” or making your client’s experience feel “robotic”…

But to“knock that wall down,”
you need to create a “SMART Offer”...

My name’s Adam, and today, I run a 7-figure business…

But several years ago,
I hit a point in my business that I could only describe as “chaos”...

...I’d have back-to-back high months, only to be followed by back-to-back low months,

...I was constantly worried about needing to “perform” every month to keep the business afloat

...I never felt peace taking time off (because I knew the company needed me to stay alive)

And, at one point, the thought of “continuing life like this” pushed me to want to sell my business altogether.

But after many downloads from God, many conversations with mentors, and many years of experimentation (and lots of failure),

I realized what was missing this whole time was a “SMART” Offer.

And now, not only did my business go from six-figures to seven-figures but...

...My business can run independent of me and I can take time off (and not worry that everything will collapse)…

...My business has stability and consistent revenue coming in each month...

....And best of all, I feel excited about my business again.

And this only happened because I created a “SMART Offer.”

And it didn’t just happen for me…

Here’s what happened for a few Online Coaches
who’ve built “SMART Offers”...

Chris Williams went from “losing $100k” to making $100k a month

Chris was an agency owner, who had spent over $100k in masterminds trying to figure out his offer and how to reach his target audience. After creating a SMART Offer, Chris was able to get 3x his investment and start making $5k a day of stable, consistent revenue. (All without paid ads).

Lindsey Schwartz earned $500k in Annual Revenue

Lindsey was a Business Coach who was using launches for her business. After implementing the SMART Offer model, Lindsey was able to generate half-a-million a year in revenue.

Lauren Zoeller went from “highs” & “lows” tO A 
consistent $40k a month!

Lauren was a Relationship Coach who suffered from the “highs” and “lows” of organic traffic. After implementing the SMART Offer model, Lauren was able to grow to $40k a month in consistent revenue (and growing!).

Brett & Ashley went from “breaking even”
to $1 Million Per Year in Sales!

Brett & Ashley were Real Estate coaches, who were making $4k a month (and spending $4k per month). After implementing the SMART Offer Model, they were able to scale to $1 Million in Sales in one year and retain a stable $80k+ a month in revenue.

So, what is a “SMART Offer”?

A “SMART Offer” is an offer that consists of these 5 pillars...



You have an offer that can handle massive growth without slowing down (or experiencing burnout)



Your offer is driven by a mission greater than you.
Your offer creates real impact and drives real change.
This mission is the life-line behind your growth.



Your offer is automated as much as possible. You have systems and processes in place to ensure every client can get results and have a great experience (all without burning you out).



Your offer is able to generate revenue in multiple ways. Your offers are designed in a way to generate consistent, recurring revenue every month to create stability.



Your offer is run by a team. You have the right people on your team that believe in your mission and can support you so you can focus on what matters most and what you’re best at.

And here’s why you need a SMART Offer

If your Offer isn’t Scalable…

You’ll only be able to grow to a certain point (before you need to “slow down” and “hire”)

This can have a huge impact on your momentum (and actually cause your revenue to go down)

This can eventually force you to have to let go of the people you hired (and put you right back where you first started)

If your Offer isn’t Mission Driven...

You won’t feel passionate enough about what you’re doing (and you won’t able to fully “show up” to your audience)

This will cause your messaging to not land well with your audience (and cause your campaigns to not work as well as they could)

This can eventually force you to give up what you’re doing (and jump from “one thing to the next”)

If your Offer isn’t Automated...

Your client’s experience and results won’t be consistent (and you’ll receive lots of complaints)

This will affect your ability to create explosive growth (because you won’t get as many people referring clients to you)

This will force you to have to depend on your marketing alone (and cause a lot of stress along the way)

If your Offer doesn’t have SMART Revnue Streams...

You’ll feel like you need to “start over every month” (and you’ll feel pressure to “perform” just to pay to the bills)

This will cause your business to feel “chaotic” (because your business will have “highs” and “lows”)

This will leave you constantly worrying if your next launch or lead gen campaign will work (and you’ll constantly feel be in “survival” mode)

If your Offer isn’t run by a Team...

You’ll have to “wear all the hats” in your business (and work “ON your business” more than “IN your business”)

This will make your business feel like a “hamster wheel” (since it depends entirely on you to stay alive)

This can eventually make you feel burned out (you might’ve even already felt this)

So, is Creating a SMART Offer right for you?

(…at this stage of your business?)
Creating a SMART Offer IS RIGHT for you if you are…

An online coach or consultant who’s bringing in between 5 - 20k per month

You’re not necessarily struggling to get clients, but your business has lots of “highs” and “lows” (and you feel like you need to “start over” every month in sales)

You’ll have to “slow down” eventually because you only have capacity for so many clients… (you may have even already had to do this)

You’re relying on your next launch to inject cash in your business (and you’re surviving off the cash from the last one)

You have a small team and you’re worried “you’ll have to let them go” if have you a few more bad months

You don’t have a team at all and you’re wearing “all the hats”

Your client’s results aren’t consistent (and you’re not getting as many referrals as you’d like)

You don’t feel fully passionate about what you’re doing (or you’re losing passion) and you want to find something you’re passionate about

Creating a SMART Offer IS NOT RIGHT for you if you are…

An online coach or consultant who’s just starting out..

You haven’t had many clients

You’re struggling to get clients

You’re still figuring out your “avatar” and “messaging”

You don’t have any of the problems I’ve mentioned so far...

Here’s what will happen once you create a SMART Offer

You’ll have a clear mission that you’re excited about

You’ll be able to handle growth without needing to “slow down” (you won’t be limited by capacity anymore)

You’ll finally have stable, consistent revenue in your business (no more chaotic “highs” and “lows”)

You’ll actually experience “steady growth” in your business (no more depending on your next launch and surviving off of your last one)

Your client’s results will be even better (you’ll have more case studies and testimonials to share)

Your client’s experience will be even better (and you’ll get more referrals than ever before)

You’ll finally get to work “ON your business” more than “IN your business”

You’ll be freed from work that doesn’t excite you (you’ll get to focus on your “zone of genius”)

You’ll finally be able to take time off with peace-of-mind (and you won’t need to worry that “everything will fall apart”)

You’ll finally feel excited about your business again (and your business won’t need to follow you home)

Just like how it’s happening for these Online Coaches after they built “SMART Offers”...

So if you’re tired of the way things are, and you want to learn how to create SMART Offers

...Then download the SMART Offer Formula Guide now! (for FREE!)
Inside the SMART Offer Formula, I’ll show you:

How to create Scalable Offers that can handle massive growth without you needing to “slow down”
(I’ll show you what makes an offer “Scalable” and give you a list of “Scalable” and “Non-Scalable” offers)

How to develop a clear Mission that you’re excited about (or how to get “re-excited” about the one you’re already on)
(I’ll give you a simple process you can use to find the “why” behind your business)

How to Automate offers so you can improve your client’s results and experience (and maximize the amount of referrals you’re getting)
(I’ll share a list of the 5 things I automate (and what kinds of things I do to automate them)

How to create stable, consistent Revenue Streams (so you can stop depending on launches and experiencing chaotic “highs” and “lows”)
(I’ll share the 3 different ways to structure your offer for consistent revenue)

How to build a world-class Team around you so can have peace of mind about your business
(I’ll share what roles to hire and our process for hiring, training, and retaining the “right people” who believe in your mission)

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